Topics & Contributions

Technical sessions of the 7th IDMRCS are organized under the topics or research areas given below. The list of all contributions (Invited, Oral or Poster) in each topic can be accessed by clicking on the title. Abstracts of all contributions are also available in pdf format in the Topic's pages.

Most of the conference talks were video recorded and are available on streaming. The links to the corresponding videos are also available in the Topic's pages listed below.

ActMatter Active Matter
OE Aging, fluctuations, non-linear response, dynamic heterogeneities in Out of Equilibrium Systems sponsored by Novocontrol
AP-BioP Amorphous pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals - physical and chemical stability sponsored by Almirall
BP Boson peak and Sound Dispersion (Honouring W. Schirmacher)
Colloids Colloids and Colloidal Systems
Cryst Crystallization sponsored by Bruker
DIL Disordered ices and liquid phases emerging thereof
D-ND Diverging or Non-Diverging Time Scales
Water-MCBell Dynamics and structure of water and bio-systems (Honouring M.C. Bellisent-Funel)
DV Dynamics and Viscoelasticity of Polymers and Biopolymers (Honouring D. Richter) sponsored by Jülich Centre for Neutron Science
DBS Dynamics of biomolecular systems, hydrated and solvated Proteins
GJ Granular materials and Jamming
I-NI Ionics and Nano-ionics
IL Ionic Liquids sponsored by MatGas
LO Local Order in Liquids and Glasses sponsored by Institut Laue-Langevin
MG Metallic Glasses
MA Monohydroxy alcohols and related liquids
N-HF New opportunities at high frequencies
PC-Biosy Physics and Chemistry of Biosystems sponsored by Air Liquide
P-BP Polymer and Biopolymers sponsored by Mettler Toledo
PDV Polymer dynamics and viscoelasticity sponsored by TA Instruments
PTF Polymer Thin Films, Nanoconfinement, and Nanaofuidics sponsored by ExtraSolution
SR Processes in between structural relaxation and Boson peak
NG-L Properties of network glasses and liquids driven by composition smooth trends versus anomalous behaviors
TV Role of temperature and volume in the dynamics of liquids and polymers
Theory Theory of Glasses and Glass Transition
TP-GT Thermal Properties and Glass Transition
TC Transitions under Compression sponsored by Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences
UG Ultra-stable Glasses
Water-HB Water and Hydrogen Bonded Systems sponsored by Laboratoire Léon Brillouin