Submission is already closed. Conference program will be published soon.

Drawn from the input of many able colleagues, technical sessions will be arranged on a number of research topics or areas given in the website. The oral sessions will be composed of presentations by invited speakers together with contributions selected from abstracts submitted in the future.

We request you to submit abstract or abstracts within any of the areas and topics listed in the website. If you ask for oral presentation, we shall do our best to accommodate your wish. If not possible, your contribution will be presented in one of the poster sessions. Poster presentation is no less important or effective than oral presentation at the 7th IMRCS by the arrangement of the poster sessions described as follows.

We shall make poster presentations important events by holding the poster sessions in spacious and pleasant environment near the venue where lunch and coffee breaks are served everyday during the Meeting, and over sufficiently long period of time for viewing and discussion. By this arrangement, all participants are brought close to the poster presentation site at lunch time and the rest period that follow. The posters of each session can be displayed on site for at least 24 hours or more. The abstracts of posters of each poster session will be published in the web, and the titles/authors can be found in the printed Program Book. For the purpose of communicating research accomplishment, we submit that poster presentation is no less effective than oral presentation in parallel sessions.